Square & Round Dance Association

What is Square Dancing?

As one source describes it, “First and foremost, square dancing is people; socializing, dancing, playing music, and having an experience together!” 
It has been said that square dancing is, “Friendship Set to Music”. 
It creates an atmosphere of music and laughter among friends and neighbours.Square Dancing is also healthy, both mentally and physically.  If you need to blow off steam, try square dancing!
Most clubs will dance once a week during their dance season, which is generally from September to April or May.  If that’s not enough, there are always special dances as well as other clubs that you may wish to visit.
Another great thing about Square Dancing is that you can dance around the world; the moves are standardized and the calling is always done in English.You will be welcome to dance wherever you 
might find a Square!

BC Square & Round Dance Association


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